A new divide I created within, to make sense of the infinite futility that lies inside…

The Placebo Effect II

I watched her burn every memory
Everything she knew she had of me
She locked herself in her panic room
And danced alone to a sorrowful tune
I won’t take the drugs, she promised me
But now she’s trying hard to put her soul to sleep
Her silence gives me hope
But there’s an eclipse in her eyes
Tempting me to read her lies
The world within, I can’t deny
And just when she thought it was over
She realized it had just begun
Just when she thought she could face the truth
She realized it’s too late to run
To take apart the pieces and undo her dreams
Her leaking eyes spill the truth behind the screen
Trapped in a place where truth and pain collide
Unto a different world she’ll step tonight
In blind obedience for renaissance she will fight

Creative Commons License
The Placebo Effect II is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License


One response

  1. sabbyaz

    Wowzer! *swoons*
    A poet…whose actually good! =)

    January 19, 2009 at 1:25 am

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