A new divide I created within, to make sense of the infinite futility that lies inside…


Have I Ever

This is my version of the new movement the Whackster seems to have started 😀

Have I Ever…

• Had my girlfriend’s mum walk in on us while we were making out?
• Had a rifle pointed at my head by a cop?
• Been told by my school teacher to never show my face in the class again?
• Been stoned for 4 days straight?
• Passed a joint to my uncle?
• Made out on the floor of my parents bedroom without knowing my dad was sleeping on the bed?
• Gotten high on nothing but life?
• Lit a bonfire in the middle of my school classroom?
• Saved somebody’s life?
• Had a gay person hit on me?
• Peed on my friend’s car tyres (Hehehe)
• Fallen in love with the wrong person?
• Pretended to act all mean and distant from my (ex) girlfriend, so that she would break up with me?
• Fallen asleep while driving and woken up to find out I have gone about 10-15 metres without hitting anything (Damn i got the shock of my life)
• Chopped off my own toe nail with an axe? (I was only 5 and it wasn’t on purpose)
• Walked into a glass door at Crescat and split my eyebrow (in front of many people)
• Had somebody compare me to John Lennon? (YESSSS although I still cant believe it)
• Fallen asleep in the theatre, while my (ex) girlfriend was trying to make out with me?
• Met up with friends to study for an exam which was 6 days away and ended up going on a road trip to Galle, in the middle of the night, just so they could smoke a cigarette on the beach?

Wow, when I wrote this, I realized how much fun I have had. I had forgotten some of the things until I really put my mind to think about it. Even the bad times feel good, because they are over now. I got to have more of these good times. Thanks Whackster I owe you one for making me remember 🙂