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Ashes Of My Fears

Reality can’t see
What fantasy hides
I get lost in the truth
Find myself in a lie
You were but a dream
Now I’m not so sure
I used to be innocent
I’ve forgotten what’s pure
You were an illusion
A dream I dared to dream
Fading in to darkness
In the shadows of my whims
Until all that remained was
The ghost of a flickering flame
Fighting a losing battle
Against the winds of change


There's Nothing Here

There’s nothing here
Only the sound of silence
A peaceful feeling
But I long for something more

There’s nothing here
Only a faint memory of you
A beautiful vision
But I wish you were real

There’s nothing here
Only the guilt inside
A disappointment
But it brings me to reality

There’s nothing here
Just my own reflection
A stranger’s face
But it all feels so familiar

There’s nothing here
Only the long road back
A trying journey
But I have nothing more

Exit Wound

I’ll keep my silence and watch you draw your borders
To limit my freedom and keep me within
I’ll watch and wait while you explain your rules
And the reason behind this game we are playing
I’ll sip your medicine and pretend I like the taste
And accept defeat openly to your face
So that you can breathe your sighs of relief
Thinking that you finally brainwashed me
I’ll do what you say and keep myself inside
And lock me up from the world outside
I’ll dance to your tune; I promise not to pull the strings
Those that hold me up and make me do these things
I’ll limit myself to the empty space inside my head
I’ll stop living the life I love and learn to play dead
As you poison my mind with your sincere words
I’ll pretend that I can’t see right through your curse
I’ll smile sincerely while you try to change me
I’ll try to be everything that you want me to be
But there will be a price to pay one day you’ll see
The more you take control the more you lose me
I hope these screams of antipathy resonate in your dreams
Because the dream you have for me, is a nightmare I’m trapped in
Because at the end of the day you are on the highest rung
As you pull me up with you, my dreams will remain unsung
You can mandate my silence and deny my right to grow
I promise not to strike back but I want you to know
You may think you won the battle, but I’m prepared for the war
Because no matter what you do you can never change my soul


The last time I held you with so much passion was when you were saying goodbye. The tears in my eyes and the words I mumbled did not do justice to how I was feeling inside. To you it was two friends parting ways; to me it was something which transcended that.

Years go by, the feelings subside and people change. I find myself on a new path. I have let go of my feelings and I’m walking on my own. But you entered my world once again in an abundance of colour and made me remember everything. All the feelings I kept bottled up inside. Your eyes still have the power to mesmerize me, and your smile makes me want to do things to always keep you happy, just so I can revel in its beauty. Your touch and your evocative embrace, still has the power to make the world stop in time, and keep everything moving in slow motion.

It’s amazing how some things remain constant in this world of transition. It’s amazing how even though you consciously give up on something, subliminally you are still pining for that touch you never felt and the words you never heard. Time has changed a lot of things but it hasn’t changed that special place you have in my heart. It hasn’t changed the longing and the thoughts of wondering what it would feel like to kiss you goodnight. It hasn’t changed the way in which I wonder whether we could have been something more, with the very little we had. I find myself in square one again, happily lost this time. Time has changed a lot, but in my little world of you and me, it hasn’t changed much. In that way, time can be a little cruel on us. It has changed our lives but it hasn’t changed the way I feel for you, and that feeling where I know that whatever may come our way all I can give you is that special place and a helping hand. Nothing more and nothing less.

Let the Embers Remain

A little bit more, to kill me a little bit more easily
The flames rage on beneath my feet
As you stare into my eyes with that smile so wide
But you don’t know that deep inside I’m happy to burn
Because I’m done with this life and the lessons I learnt
So I’m waiting until that fine day
For the sun to set on me, and I erupt into flames
Burning bright in the darkness above
Maybe I’ll shed the light that the world needs
Or be the pain when the world bleeds
Making my way to a corner of your mind
Where nothingness dwells
Lay my head on a pillow of hate
Quench my thirst with sips of rage
Pull you in with the tide as it overcomes me
In my salvation and your ignorance
We are nothing but souls lost wandering in the darkness
I will watch myself burn, in the mirrors of a thousand ashes
I will watch myself smile as my soul crashes
Into the caverns of a thousand deaths
Living for no cause
I’ll cherish the moment, my grieving loss

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