A new divide I created within, to make sense of the infinite futility that lies inside…

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A Bittersweet Lullaby

Immersed in my bittersweet lullaby
I lie awake, dead of night dreams
intercoursing my thoughts
To find myself I had to get lost
Underneath a prodigious moon
The waves glisten with deep secrets
Crashing into shadows as foam
Overlaps the truth

I’m hidden beneath the sand
With the footprints washed away
I lie asleep but I am awake
dead of night dreams haunting me
Taking me further
There’s no war this silence can end

I’m lost again
on the road back to who i am
Embracing me reminding me
What is here is only a figment
Of what never really was

Underneath a prodigious moon
To find myself I had to get lost
Dead of night dreams
Intercoursing my thoughts,
I lie awake
Immersed in my bittersweet lullaby

Ashes Of My Fears

Reality can’t see
What fantasy hides
I get lost in the truth
Find myself in a lie
You were but a dream
Now I’m not so sure
I used to be innocent
I’ve forgotten what’s pure
You were an illusion
A dream I dared to dream
Fading in to darkness
In the shadows of my whims
Until all that remained was
The ghost of a flickering flame
Fighting a losing battle
Against the winds of change

In The Valley Of A Thousand Dreams

Darkness descends
In the valley of a thousand dreams
A thousand sunsets
Ash blows in the wind
Where are you?
For who I yearn
As I tread this path

The body pleads for rest
The head prays for closure
But a light in the distance
Calls out to me
I follow the darkness
As it leads me in
Knee deep into the river of clarity
I bathe in the calm surrender
Of emptiness.

I can never cleanse my soul
For it lurks too deep in the shadows
But the light in the distance
Keeps me going
I follow the darkness
Though it wears me thin
As it pulls me in
Closer I see
In the distance
My mountain awaits…

Mountain of Wisdom by `YagaK

Horizons Apart

Slip in sideways and meet me
At the corner where our dreams collide
Don’t hold yourself back
Because here is now and now is here
The only place we are free
Here is the only place we can be
Follow your heart, your desire
Whatever it is that makes you tick
Because the clock is ticking
Closer for the end to begin
When the horizon sets us apart

So don’t hold back
Don’t let me suffer my desire
Let’s set this place on fire
Love and lust used to be a fine line
Not here, the world is yours and mine
Come closer, show your true face
Let us not suffer this desire
Cross the line you can never cross
Cross the line before we run out of time
Before we have to open our eyes
Once again…

esreveR nI

Wall by ~Sotherby

The room with the red wall. Everything is backwards. Again. My world, my thoughts, feelings and desired orbiting around me in reverse. Again. Everybody walks backwards, talks backwards, thinks backwards and drives in reverse. I am motionless watching this reversed parody of the world as I know it. The red wall smiles at me. Strobe lights appear from nowhere and cast their spell inside this little room. The music starts pulsating backwards. It’s the only thing that makes sense in reverse.

I want to punch the wall till I bleed. I want to paint the red wall again with blood. I want to bleed and let the pain become pleasure and let the pleasure caress my brain. I am in a fit of rage. Or is it ecstasy? I keep punching the walls until my knuckles are sore. My fist is weak, but my brain forgets to stop punching. I want to shed my skin, rip myself away from me. But how can I, when I can’t even shed my shadow?

Love turns to lust turns to something darker. Slow motion dreams in reverse. Where am I going? Or where am I coming from? What am I running from?

I hear his voice for the first time. Piercing my brain, he tells me what I want to hear, and I listen quietly, as the red wall looms in front of me. The paint begins to drip turning a shade darker. My mind blocks out everything except his voice. He tells me how to be, who to be, what to say, what to do. I am in a trance and I suffer my desires.

I sacrifice my mind to the unknown knowing well that it will not result in good. I split myself apart, until I don’t recognize myself and I can’t be put back together. I split myself until all I’m are shards of glass put together to resemble a cracked image. Who am I now? What do I believe? Where is my voice of reason? Now I see the world through a cracked glass. A cracked world in reverse. There is no turning back now.

The dark recess which I call home begs me to come back but I am too far gone.

The Last Dance

I turn my camera on by Slightly Amazing Grace

I see you dance in the light where the world is yours
In false pretense, I sit in the dark watching my cure
Listening to your heart sing in a cadenced melody
Watching your eyes, interpreting their story
As you pick up your steps, you brighten your play
Glowing brighter than the light in your way
Illuminated in brightness, white light blindness
The words best said are the ones unspoken
The path best walked is the one not chosen
I wake up to a room of numbness and fear
And the sound of your silence
Reminds me the end is near

The Placebo Effect II

I watched her burn every memory
Everything she knew she had of me
She locked herself in her panic room
And danced alone to a sorrowful tune
I won’t take the drugs, she promised me
But now she’s trying hard to put her soul to sleep
Her silence gives me hope
But there’s an eclipse in her eyes
Tempting me to read her lies
The world within, I can’t deny
And just when she thought it was over
She realized it had just begun
Just when she thought she could face the truth
She realized it’s too late to run
To take apart the pieces and undo her dreams
Her leaking eyes spill the truth behind the screen
Trapped in a place where truth and pain collide
Unto a different world she’ll step tonight
In blind obedience for renaissance she will fight

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It Won't Be Me

Bleeding before my eyes
You reach out for me
A beseeching look in your eyes
My mind tells me to reach out for you
My heart tells me to look away
In a battle of senses I lag behind
And the loser becomes my mind

But I’m sorry
It’s something I can’t explain
Don’t worry
Somebody will come your way
And help you up on your feet
But tonight it just won’t be me
It won’t be me

Bleeding before my eyes
You haunt me in my dreams
I make excuses for myself
But I know that I can’t escape
This reciprocal pain
So I’ll try to close my eyes
Overlook my mind
And try to find, peace inside

And all I can say is

I’m sorry
It’s something I can’t explain
Don’t worry
Somebody will come your way
And help you up on your feet
But tonight it just won’t be me
It won’t be me

I hope you find peace of mind
Without me
I hope you find beauty in life
Without me
Without me
Without me, tonight

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Subliminally Yours

In my dreams I see you and I feel you within
Behind that smile lies everything I believe in
Behind those eyes is a world I want to live in
In my dreams, a beauty that transcends life
The beauty of you, leaving me sensitized
And when I look at you I realize
Past everything that matters in my sentient
I’m subliminally yours

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The Placebo Effect

Outside the world is ending
As she finds solace in her dreams
A tragic melody singing in her ears
Piercing, drowning out the screams
Of life, and what she makes of hers
Of the truth, and what she believes in
Of the lies that she hides beneath
As she finds solace in her dreams
Her eyes fake an innocence
So beautiful, but on the surface
Her lies are what she hides beneath
As she finds solace in her dreams
A flame to burn the memories
Of all the promises she wants buried
The pain is in facing reality
As she finds solace in her dreams
Believe in ignorance, search for bliss
Look away, knowing what she’ll miss
She lies awake in the shadows of her whims
Looking for solace in the debris of her dreams

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Every night I kill myself with my thoughts, and every morning I’m resurrected. As the skies become darker and I spend my nights alone, I enter a realm of confusion which engulfs my life, and keeps me lost within. The confusion always tends to be deep and never ending, and full of questions. As usual I seek out the answers to these mindfucking questions, and I’m left with more questions which are cleverly disguised as answers.

My thoughts wind around my life and who I wanna be. As long as I can remember, I have dreamt of making it big someday. But the days are running by so fast, that sometimes all I can do is dream. I look back at the past few years of my life (which I believe would have been the ideal time to put my dreams into action) and think to myself ‘am I too late?’ How did life pass me by? Where was I looking?

Everyday we dream of being bigger and better persons than we already are. Why can’t we ever be content of who we are? Is every person like this (as I believe) or am I the only one falling to bits, over minute problems which are barely visible? Is it possible to achieve what I want to, or is it just a pipe dream. Thoughts like this get me down. Makes me feel like life is not worth living. I just don’t want my life to be so mundane.

As I sit alone, against the deafening silence of my room, I make up my mind to take a stand against my life. Against the voices in my head that say I can’t do it. I want to wake the voices that whisper words of encouragement and hope in my head every night. Those voices can be hardly heard in the morning, when our real life is drowned out by the life that we live. And I think to myself for what could be the umpteenth time in life that..

I’m going to do it, someday, someway, somehow, before it’s too late…