A new divide I created within, to make sense of the infinite futility that lies inside…

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Horizons Apart

Slip in sideways and meet me
At the corner where our dreams collide
Don’t hold yourself back
Because here is now and now is here
The only place we are free
Here is the only place we can be
Follow your heart, your desire
Whatever it is that makes you tick
Because the clock is ticking
Closer for the end to begin
When the horizon sets us apart

So don’t hold back
Don’t let me suffer my desire
Let’s set this place on fire
Love and lust used to be a fine line
Not here, the world is yours and mine
Come closer, show your true face
Let us not suffer this desire
Cross the line you can never cross
Cross the line before we run out of time
Before we have to open our eyes
Once again…


After The Storm

Thunder rumbled in
Lightning cracked the earth
The rains washed away
All that we built on the surface
Until all that remained
Was just a little isle
Barely enough for us to survive

I held you close
A shelter from the storm
While the emptiness consumed
All we couldn’t face alone
Little by little
The tides pushed harder
My world slipped out of place
As you slipped through my fingers
I tried to hold on
But my weakness became stronger
I had to give in
To the emptiness I surrendered

The sun shone later
Failing to light a bleaker world
Blistering all sense of purpose
To remind what was taken

I have passed many a season
Staring at empty horizons
Our memories setting like the sun
I will wait for you
As the skies turn shades darker
Until I am all but consumed
Yes I will wait for you
Until forever

Waiting the Storm by Ictenbey