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In The Valley Of A Thousand Dreams

Darkness descends
In the valley of a thousand dreams
A thousand sunsets
Ash blows in the wind
Where are you?
For who I yearn
As I tread this path

The body pleads for rest
The head prays for closure
But a light in the distance
Calls out to me
I follow the darkness
As it leads me in
Knee deep into the river of clarity
I bathe in the calm surrender
Of emptiness.

I can never cleanse my soul
For it lurks too deep in the shadows
But the light in the distance
Keeps me going
I follow the darkness
Though it wears me thin
As it pulls me in
Closer I see
In the distance
My mountain awaits…

Mountain of Wisdom by `YagaK



Walking on the line
I never wanted to cross
Distant thoughts
Alluring dreams
Contemplating desire over loss
Took off the worn out mask
Soul searching in the mirror
Oh my love, for which is tainted
She holds me prisoner
In this comfortable cell
Yet I find this perfect reality
A little too close for comfort
I follow my shadow
As it leads me down
As far as it takes me
That’s where I believe
I rid myself of connection
And void myself of thought
I cross the line
I promised never to cross
And disconnect the dots
Till I’m left with the nothingness
That is empty
The nothingness
That is me

Sometimes I

Sometimes I feel like a stranger, because I can’t recognize myself. Sometimes I want to let go, although deep inside I know I have to hold on. Sometimes I wish I could read your thoughts, so that I know what you think of me. Sometimes I wish you would see me for who I really am, so I could come out of the shadows. Sometimes, I wish that words were weapons because they are all I have. Sometimes I wish I had a reason, so I could understand why. Sometimes I wrap myself in fear, afraid of something I can’t see. Sometimes I wish I had never given up, so I wouldn’t have to envy people who didn’t. Sometimes I lie, because I’m afraid of the truth. Sometimes I smile, just to show that I’m not dead inside. Sometimes I get lost, trying to find myself. Sometimes I hope tomorrow will be better than today, like today was better than yesterday.

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In Vertigo

When you walk away from me, I will follow
When you look behind, I will hide in the shadows
I don’t want to be seen, but I want to watch you
I’ll dwell in the dark until I’m understood

I see the way you look right through me
It hurts but inside I know that’s how it’s got to be
I dream of a day that I can walk by your side
Holding your hand as we dance in the moonlight

I’ll cherish your scent and remember your grace
I’ll catch your breath and keep it in a safe place
In my mind, is a picture of our blissful embrace
The way you move me, at your feet I’m abased

I watch the way you slip through my fingers
I know you don’t see me, but your gaze still lingers
I want to close my eyes, with the memory of you inside
Never open them again to a world where you are not mine

I’m so close, but to you I maybe oceans apart
I watch you dance, your skin a velvet in the dark
I dream of belonging to a special place in your heart
In a world fighting for beauty, you are a true monarch

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Blood & Ink

Shadows of a thousand doubts seep in
Lingering, clouding up the thicket of my mind
My only escape is this pen and paper
My Excalibur, a key unlocking the gateway to my soul
My weapon of choice, my only protection
I find solitude in words, once unfamiliar thoughts
Like a dagger shedding blood of an enemy
I draw first blood from my pain

I write my thoughts, my pain, my everything
To break the invisible chains holding me
To hold on when I know I’m falling
To open my eyes to the things I can’t see
To escape from the enemy in me

A master of the art of escape
Crumple up the paper if I feel perfect
I know that the paper will never be perfect again
No matter how hard I pretend
So I write my thoughts, my pain, my everything
And lock it in a box for no one to see
A smile to disguise myself
The world will never feel the pain
And the paper will one day be forgotten
And the world will never ever know

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